Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am so glad I went to that party yesterday. I was very close in not going, but I'm so happy I did. :)

And I just go the proofs of my Senior Photo. I look so weird in a suit and bow tie. >_<

I have finally finished and uploaded my "One Year Morning Musume Fan!" Slideshow Video. Check it out:

Today, we had band practice and we worked on our set for our upcoming show! It's been so long since we have played a show! The last time we played a show was in February, but that wasn't even with all of the electric instruments; it was only an acoustic show. The last time we played a show with all of the electronics was in January! So I'm really psyched to finally play again.

So in a week, we are playing at the Poway Library (which is like an hour away from where we live.) It starts at 2:30, but we have to get there at 1:30 for a meeting and to set up. We have no idea when we are playing because they are gonna pick the order at random. We hope we're not the first ones to play. I think we're tired of being the opening act all of the time.

And it is a Battle of the Bands contest, so if you happen to live in that area, or if wanna come out to Poway to watch, please come and support us! We need it. :D

To check out more information, go HERE!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Blue Boy

This week has been intense.

This week was the first full week of my Senior Year of high school and I've already had a lot of work to do! And it's only gonna get harder from here on out.

I finally went to all of my right classes and I guess they're okay. Of course, some are better than others. My favorite class right now is probably Photography because the work we do in there is easy and I have some friends in that class. But there are like 30 students in that class and only 4 of them are advanced. I'm one of those advanced students, which means that I have to impress the teacher even more than the other students have to. -____-

Another good thing about all of this is that I only have 5 classes instead of 6! :D It's so awesome to hang out with friends outside of school while everyone else is in class. xD This whole week, every time there is 6th period going on, me and my friends just leave school and hang out where ever we feel like going. It's so fun! But today, we decided to go straight home from 5th period to relax. But we're gonna be hanging out at Heritage Park for a party thingy. I have no idea when we're leaving. >_<

And I know I promised a Morning Musume video and I'm sorry. I've just been so busy with school and with a very special someone. ;) I will have the video up by tomorrow because I really want to upload it before this month is over. And I'm even working on it right now. And I got some new stuff I wanna make videos of. Hopefully I can get video stuff done this weekend.

AND MORNING MUSUME IS HAVING ANOTHER NEW SINGLE!!! I'm so happy! There is no title for it yet, but they are currently in the recording process! It is set to be released October 13! I can't wait! :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beautiful Remains

Well, this week was pretty much like hell. I had get my classes changed two times, so this is my third schedule this year. -___- I think I'm finally gonna stick with this one for the remainder of the semester.

I guess my classes got better from the previous changes I had this year. I still haven't gone to my new first and second periods. I have to wait until next week on Tuesday.

And I only have five classes instead of six, which is totally awesome! Today was a 4, 5, 6 Day (4, 5 Day for me :P) so me and my friends went to Cotixan and ate some Carneasada Fries. (Yum.) We also went to a friend's house who already graduated high school.

And I forgot to post this up in my previous post, but here are my newest videos:

I was going to upload a video today. Well... I MIGHT upload it today. I'm not sure. It's depends if I finish it today. It's a picture video of Morning Musume because I have been a Morning Musume fan for a year now. I wanted to upload it today because exactly a year ago, I uploaded my first video with a Morning Musume song, which is "Resonant Blue". But it's no big deal. I was expecting this to happen. Since I'm back in school, I knew I wouldn't be able to work on videos as much. I will try my hardest to have it uploaded today, but I cannot guarantee anything. I will most likely have it up by tomorrow (unless I happen to be busy).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Day Of Senior Year

Today SUCKED!!! It sucked so freakin much! This was a crappy way to start off my Senior year!!! I'm so pissed off, tired, and stressed right now!!!

And no, I wasn't being sarcastic either, today really sucked...

So in the morning, we went to our advisory class to get our locater cards (the list of classes we're taking). Mine was all f**ked up! I had 6 classes, when I'm only supposed to be taking 5 and 2 of them I already took!!! >:(

I was really mad. So then I went to the pavilion to change my classes, but they wouldn't let me!!! So I was forced to go to my 1st and 2nd periods, which I wasn't supposed to take in the first place!!!

So then more than half of my lunch time was wasted on waiting for my counselor talking to someone so that I can talk to him about changing my schedule! I was hungry too! D: Then I finally got my classes changed and now I have 5 periods.

But I'm disappointed about my classes though. I barely have any of my friends in any of my classes. And the classes themselves suck too. I have freakin engineering class!!! Who the hell is gonna take that???!!!

And I have a sh*i load of homework today because of AP English!!! I was gonna work on videos today, but I don't know if I'm gonna have time! I have Runner's Club tomorrow after school too, so I don't know if I will have any time tomorrow.

WHy the f**k do I keep typing???!!! I need to get back to work!!! >:(

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Day Of Break Before Senior Year

That vacation went by fast. Tomorrow, I start off my Senior year of high school. I was excited before, but now I'm just like, "F**k".

I was excited before because I am a Senior now and it's my last year of high school. Now, I wish my break was a little longer. I wish I would've done a little more this break. I wanted to get around to some things, but I never got to them. Like my collection; it fell down again. -___- And I wish I would've worked on more videos. And I wish I would've started watching Tensou Sentai Goseiger again. And I wish I would've started writing my personal Power Rangers seasons earlier...

Oh well, maybe on the weekends...

I am uploading my Morning Musume CD Collection Video. It's actually a 2-part video, so be sure to watch both of them!

So yah, if videos and/or blogs come slower, you'll know why.

It's "Back To School" time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Chances Exist

A few weeks ago, I found out about a Battle of the Bands that the San Diego County Library is having next month. There are three libraries that are participating in the competition. Each library will accept six bands to audition for this Battle of the Bands and will pick 1 or 2 bands from each venue to compete at the Battle of the Bands.

I found it interesting that a Battle of the Bands was going to take place at not only one library, but three other libraries before that! So I talked to my band-mates about it and they gave me the OK to sign us up.

I got an e-mail today saying that we are accepted to play!

I am so freaking happy! :D It's been so long since we've played a show and I am so glad!

Each band has a 10 minute set (which is really short) and we have to send in a set list, the lyrics to the songs that we are going to play, a bio, and a filled out application form that they provided us by exactly a week from now. That is a lot. I am overwhelmed. 0.0

Well anyway, I uploaded 2 Morning Musume PVs in the last 2 days. Enjoy!

36th Single "Resonant Blue" (Sorry for the crappy quality.):

38th Single "Naichau Kamo":

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I was home alone, so I made a demo for one of our newer songs that might be on our new album. Actually, it's not a new song. It's like a year old, but it's the first time that I worked on it in a very long time. The demo sounds like crap, but it was the best I could do with the stuff I had to record with.

I used my camera to record the music and the vocals. I used drum sticks for the metronome and hit them against each other and the couch. xD And I also used my keyboard. I was gonna add some bass into it, but it took a long time to record everything else. I then recorded my vocals. I put it all together on Windows Movie Maker, which also took a long time.

Again, it sounds like crap, but it was the best I could do with the things I had at the moment. The song is called "Epidemic". Here ya go:

And as I type this post up, I am uploading another Morning Musume PV. I will also upload one more tomorrow, and then the next day, I will upload a video of my Morning Musume CD Collection! Stay tuned. :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, today's been going by pretty slow. -___- We we're gonna have band practice at our drummer's house today, but he claims to be busy. Even though he most likely is just sitting at home complaining about his life....

Which brings me to talk about how our band, Nightmare's Riot, is doing. Well, I'm kinda irritated with both of my band-mates right now. First off our guitarist, Tomas, thinks he's better at writing lyrics than me, even though I've been writing most of our lyrics since we became Nightmare's Riot two years ago. -___- He keeps complaining how my lyrics are "meant to be yelled" and that I need to "be careful on in phrasing". Really now? You tell me this just now, Tomas? Fail.

And then there's our very optimistic drummer, Christian. That was sarcasm; he's not optimistic about anything. He keeps saying how our band sucks and that this is our last year as a band (because of college and all). Although this all might be true, he doesn't have to keep saying it over and over again, constantly reminding his band-mates. It just seems like he's not interested in the band anymore. I mean, if he wants out, then get out. Nobody's forcing him to be our drummer.

And it's not just the band he's pessimistic about; he's pessimistic about life. And love. And school. And everything! You name it. And it pisses me off. >_< And he complains about every little thing! Get the f**k over it!!!

Okay, now that that's out of the way... I uploaded a video today. And yes, it is another one of Morning Musume's PVs. Why am I uploading Morning Musume PVs? Well, you'll see why soon. Just enjoy the PV for now:

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Only Exception

Wow. I've actually been busy for the past few days, so I haven't been working on videos for my YouTube Channel a lot. Let me try to remember what the hell I did these past few days....

First off, on Tuesday, I had Runner's Club (which gets you ready for the Cross Country season) but it's been so freaking HOT! Nobody was up to run a lot that day, so I think I ran like 4 miles. Then after that, I went to my friend Nick's birthday party thingy at John's Incredible Pizza. They have bumper cars there, and they're really intense! You can fly off those things. xD And the pizza there is pretty good too.

On Wednesday, I drove my dad, my brother, and myself to El Cajon, CA. It's so HOT up there! We went to visit my grandpa and check out the workout room that they have near his place. He lives in a condo with his wife. My brother and I hung out at his place for a bit, while my dad had to go to the dentist to get a crown for one of his teeth. (A crown for a teeth is something that can hold the tooth together if it's falling apart.) And after that, I drove us home and my brother and I ran with our friend Nick at the golf course/park near where we live.

Yesterday, on Thursday, was probably the busiest day! In the morning around 9, my brother and I went to our high school's orientation to get our ID Cards. The line was so long to get our pictures taken! It took like 2 hours to get it! After that, we went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. And after that, we went to Runner's Club at the golf course/park again. And this weather is weird! It was hot and sunny in the morning, and when we went running, it rained! 0_0

Today, me, my bro, my grandparents, and my uncle went to Hometown Buffet to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Happy Birthday! :D And after that, I had band practice with my fellow band members at our guitarist's house. I just got back home from there.

I will have a video up tomorrow. It will most likely be a Morning Musume PV. I did shoot for some new videos this morning and I'm glad I got some shooting in today. I still gotta put the shots into my computer and work on them, so that's why the new video tomorrow will most likely be a MM PV. Will I be busy tomorrow as well? Who knows. The busy-ness of these past few days caught me off guard.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rise, Morning Sun!

So I started writing my own Power Rangers seasons again! I've been writing my own Power Rangers seasons for a few years now and I just got back into writing after going on a hiatus for a few months. I am currently on the 46th season! xD But I didn't totally rewrite Power Rangers. I actually took a lot of the ideas of Power Rangers and tweaked it just a little and turn it into my own Power Rangers. It's more like "What if I created Power Rangers and not Saban?" type of thing. Therefore, I will most likely not put up my seasons on the internet because people are going to think that I plagiarized. I just keep these to myself in my own notebooks. It's just a hobby to keep me busy and to let any ideas I have on paper. Kinda like writing lyrics for my band.

Speaking of my band, we recorded 3 new demos a few days ago! Our guitarist, Tomas, is supposed to put them up on MySpace, but apparently his computer has been acting kinda funny lately so he has been able to mix the tracks for each song. So we're still waiting for Tomas to put them up on MySpace. And I've been checking MySpace a few times a day just in case he happen to them up, but there hasn't been any luck. So here's a message to Tomas: Anytime now.

And in the world of Morning Musume, it's 6th generation member Michishige Sayumi's 21st birthday! Happy birthday Sayu! In regards to her birthday, I have uploaded another Morning Musume PV. It's their 34th single called "Onna ni Sachi Are":

I also uploaded another video today. It's my 23rd video of my Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection! Click HERE to watch it!

And yesterday, I uploaded a video of the mini Tensou Sentai Goseiger Header toys I got with the magazine I got a few weeks ago. Click HERE to watch it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is that A U-Haul?! No, That's A Limo... A Limo?!

I posted a new video today. I'm really glad I finally got to upload it because I've had this magazine for a while now:

I will most likely have another video up tomorrow featuring the mini Goseiger Header toys that came with the magazine. The video is all done, I just need the time to upload it, which I will most likely have.

So last night we celebrated Tomas's (our guitarist's) 16th birthday, which was on July 4. First, his mom went to go pick me and a few of my friends up and drop us off at Tomas's house. We wondered how we were all gonna get to Olive Garden (yes, we went to Olive Garden) at the same time with a limited amount of rides. Tomas said it's a surprise. Me and Christian (drummer) joked that we would take a U-Haul. :P

So me and the band began to play music in the garage. The garage door opened and I see a freaking Limousine near the driveway! I've only been in a limo once, which was way back in kindergarten (I forget why), but this was awesome! I joked about spray painting our band name "Nightmare's Riot" across the limo. That would be epic. xD

So we went in a limo to Olive Garden, where I had a delicious Chicken Fetachini Alfredo. Yum. xP I've only been to Olive Garden once before yesterday, but I forget when. It was good to finally go eat there again, even though it was weird for 8 guys to eat there. xD

After that, we walked over to Soma, a popular venue where awesome bands play (yes, that's why we've never played there before xP), to see a few screamo bands. It was fun and my ears are still ringing from it! We don't mosh, but we were in the very front of the stage. I was at the very left corner of the stage and I got crushed by Tomas when people started to get crazy and pushed the crap out of each other. :P

We didn't take the limo back home, but it was such an epic night!

Friday, July 9, 2010

High School Drama

High school drama's a bitch, ain't it? I'm not even in school yet. I'm still on Summer Break and school drama is slapping me in the face.

Honestly, I thought high school drama was a bunch of crap. Before I went to high school, when I would hear about how teenagers complain everything that goes on through their days in high school, I just thought to myself, "Why don't they just get over it and deal with it?" I didn't think high school drama existed. 0.0 Unfortunately it does. And unfortunately, I just realized it in my Junior year.

In my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school, I didn't really get caught up into drama. I was oblivious of it. I mean, I guess there was some drama/ maybe amongst some of my friends, but I just chose not to get caught up in it. I didn't understand how they felt at the time. But now I think I know.

Junior year is the best year of school for me so far. But it was definitely the most stressful year for me. And when I return to school, I'm going to be a Senior. Everything goes by so fast and you get little time to think about what you wanna do next. And I pretty sure that this drama is going to continue. I mean, why wouldn't it? It's even happening now and I'm still on summer break. -__-

Why the hell did I bring this up? Well, one of the things that helps me get my mind off all this drama is making videos. So if I upload a video a day from now on for a while, you'll know why. I won't post a video up today, even though I have a lot of videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube, because I still want people to watch my Anime Expo Compilation videos. I will possibly post one tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, etc.

So yah, expect more videos to come. And as far as my high school drama goes, I don't think you would wanna know. You'll probably think it's stupid (unless you're in high school).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Compilation

I uploaded my compilation video of my experience at Anime Expo 2010! I couldn't fit it all in one video, so it's separated into two parts:

These videos focus mainly on the Power Morphicon Booth and the Hello Store USA Booth. In my compilation, you will see that I got fliers for Power Morphicon 2 and that I met Walter E. Jones AKA Zack, the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger! And yes, the Rangers that were there charge $10 for a signed photo of them and $5 to take a photo with them. Why they do this? I don't know. I think it's just to make money. But they only do this at Anime Expo. They won't make anyone pay at Power Morphicon.

You will also find out that I bought physical copies of some of Morning Musume's CDs! I was so surprised and happy when I saw the Hello Store USA Booth! I bought 10 MY ME, Platinum 9 Disc, and their 39th Single "Shouganai Yume Oibito". All of that together cost $35 and it is worth it! I will be doing a video of the three Morning Musume CDs I got.

So please watch and enjoy my compilation of my experience at AX 2010! You will find out more about it and what I saw there as you're watching it. Thanks!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Anime Expo Was Fun!

Anime Expo 2010 was awesome! I'm so glad I went! I met Walter Jones, aka Zack the Black Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

I am in the process of making a compilation video of my Anime Expo 2010 experience. Here's a sneak preview:

I don't wanna give everything away, but here is one of the things I bought while I was there:

Yah. Uh huh. That's right. Be jealous. xD

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Years On YouTube

It's been three years since I've been on YouTube! It was three years ago from today that "powerrangers5" was created. Here's my Three Year Anniversary Special Video that I put together. Hope you like it:

I have over 1700 friends, over 1700 subscribers, over 7,000,000 total upload views for my 386 videos, over 900 favorites, 23 playlists, and almost 1,000,000 channel views! I really want to thank all of my subscribers and anyone else who watches my videos! You have made these past three years on YouTube great and memorable! I am looking forward to more great years on YouTube!

If you haven't subscribed to my videos and you enjoy them, please subscribe!

And I will be attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA tomorrow! I will have some videos of it up when I return, along with other videos that I'm still working on.

Again, thank you to everyone who watches my videos! I hope you continue to support me! Look forward to many more new videos!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yes! I'm going to Anime Expo on Sunday! Muahaha! XP

I've been busy today. I've been working on new videos for my YouTube Channel. I even uploaded a video today in which I'm talking about what I worked on today:

Tomorrow is my three year anniversary on YouTube! I just finished working on my three year anniversary special video and it's ready to be uploaded onto my channel. It will be up tomorrow!

That was the main video that I was working on today, but I was working on other videos, such as the Japanese Hero Magazine that features GoseiKnight and the Goseiger Header toys that came along with it. Those videos will be up within the next few days.

I was also working on some lyrics for my band's new songs! Remember: Zucchini Weeni 8 30. Haha! You will know what that means soon enough.

So look forward to more new videos tomorrow and in the next few days and weeks! :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Power Morphicon At Anime Expo

Why didn't I know about this???

Yesterday on Facebook, Power Morphicon stated that they will be having a booth at this year's Anime Expo, which started today!!! I wanna go! Here's a video I made about this situation:

Some Rangers are also going to be signing on all three days of the convention! ARGH!!! I wasn't planning on going to AX this year because I thought there wasn't going to be anything PR related. I guess I was wrong. Hopefully my parents will let me go at least for one day!

I have also updated my VIDEOS IN THE WORKS list again:

1. Power Rangers ANGRY PEACE OPV
2. My Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection 23
3. Super Sentai Magazine FT. GoseiKnight
4. Tensou Sentai Goseiger Header Toys
5. One Year Morning Musume Fan (7-23)
6. Power Morphicon 2 at Anime Expo 2010
7. Three Year Anniversary Special (7-3)

Videos will be pouring out onto my YouTube Channel in the next few days and/or weeks.