Friday, December 31, 2010

Switch Morphin Red Samurai Ranger

Happy New Years Eve!

As I was saying yesterday, I bought my very first Power Rangers Samurai toy two days ago! It's the Red Switch Morphin Ranger! Check it out:

I was debating on whether to get three of the 4 inch Mega Rangers first, this figure, or the Blue Switch Morphin Ranger. I will be getting all 5 of the 4 inch Mega Rangers very soon, possibly today. And I also plan I getting the Samurai Megazord and the other two Switch Morphin Rangers. I'm not sure if I am going to get the Regular Ranger Set (all 4 inch Rangers in their original costumes in one set). I might get that if I have extra money saved up.

This figure that I got was about $10 and is pretty damn god for the price. It stands about 6.5 inches tall and it comes with a Samurai sword (which is about 4 inches long) and two hostlers for the belt on each side. The head can be flipped from it's "Ninja mask" civilian form to the Ranger helmet and back again with just a click of the button that is on his back. Before opening the box, you can try it out where it says "TRY ME" on the back to see it's head flip. I did this before buying it to make sure it works properly.

There's not much articulation because of the head-flipping ability that it's meant to be made for. The paint and detail jobs on it are well done, especially the design of the sword. The paint on the figure itself is spot on. I don't talk about the paint, detail, or articulation of the toys I get, so if you wanna know any of that stuff, just go buy the toy and find out for yourself. XD

But take my word for it; this figure is a beast, so get it. Sure, the look on the Ranger isn't the same as the TV show, but give it a try. It doesn't look bad at all.

Tomorrow is officially the first day of 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Videos Deleted, New Videos Uploaded

I had to delete more videos from my YouTube Account. In order to keep my channel, I have to keep deleting all the videos that have Content ID Matches. I've had a lot of videos with Content ID Matches and I've had a lot of warnings from YouTube. So I had to delete about 10 videos from my account. Some of my videos I had to use Audio Swap because of the audio I used. As of now, my channel is still alive and going. I just have to be careful of the audio and video that I use. The only song I am able to use for my videos as of now is the instrumental version of Morning Musume's "Shouganai Yume Oibito". It's a good song, but it gets too repetitive when I use the same song for all my videos. Most of my recent videos have this song. I will find another song that I can use to give some diversity to each video, like I used to back in the good ole' days.

But I also uploaded new videos in the past few days. Two of the videos are of the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger that are appearing in February 2011. The promotional stuff for this season isn't going to end for a LONG time:

Then my third video is of the stuff I bought at Power Morphicon 2! Originally, I was going to have 2 parts to this video. I uploaded Part 1 that featured the Zeo Deluxe Red Batllezord earlier this week, but it was one of the videos I had to delete today. So this video is basically Parts 1 and 2 combined:

And I got my very first Power Rangers Samurai toy yesterday! :D I will have a video of it tomorrow! Here is my VIDEOS IN THE WORKS list:

Coming December 31, 2010:
1. PR Samurai Switch Morphin Fire Ranger
Coming Early 2011:
1. Power Morphicon 2010 Compilation
2. My Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection 24
3. My PR/SS Collection Update (Jan. 1)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Morning Musume: Fantasy! Juuichi

First off, here's my updated VIDEO IN THE WORKS list:

Coming at the end of this year 2010:
1. Stuff I Bought At Power Morphicon 2010 Part 2
2. PR Samurai Switch Morphin Fire Ranger
3. More Gokaiger Pictures & Info
Coming Early 2011:
1. Power Morphicon 2010 Compilation
2. MM Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV
3. Muten Musume Appare Kaiten Zushi! PV
4. My Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection 24

Now, with that out of the way, I will now begin my review on each of the songs off Morning Musume's 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi" which was released December 1. This is the last album for MM members Kamei Eri, Junjun, & Linlin.

1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (AL Ver.): This song is the group's 44th single. It's a different version from the single version. I like the added intro a lot. And I like how they have longer pauses in the verses when leader Takahashi Ai sings. The guitar in the bridge is a very nice touch and it gives the song more of a rock feeling. I like this album version better than the single version, although they are both basically the same song (just with added parts).

2. Bravo!: This song has more of a rock feeling to it. It's a really nice song and I believe Takahashi Ai is the only one who gets a solo. And it's really short, so the whole song is basically everyone singing. It's a happy song and a good song to be on this particular album.

3. Fantasy ga Hajimaru: On this album, Tsunku (producer) decided to go a little more techno. And this song is one of the songs that he uses techno in. This song is very cool with 6th Generation Member Michishige Saymui taking the lead. I love Takahashi Ai's falsetto at the end.

4. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara: Another happy song that is also more on the rock side. I love how the snare drum doesn't come in until the chorus, while during the verses it's only a clap machine to control the rhythm of the song. This song is lead by Sub-Leader Niigaki Risa and it's a perfect song for her to lead.

5. Ai no Honoo: There are onlt two songs in this album that are solos. This is the first one and it's sung by only 6th Generation Member Tanaka Reina. The only two solo songs are sung by the two front-woman of the group. It's a really nice song and Reina's voice is soothing to listen to. It's not my favorite song on the album, but it's nice on the ears.

6. I'm Lucky girl: This song is both rock and techno, but more on the techno side with the two front-women Reina and Ai leading. It's a very catchy song and it should be a really good song for them to perform live because fans can be able to repeat what is being sung in the verses. The chorus is really awesome and cool.

7. Sungoi My Birthday: This is the cute song on the album. I call it a "J-Pop Lullaby". It's lead by the 8th Generation Members Mitsui Aika, Junjun, and Linlin. This is one of my favorites on the album and I'm glad Tsunku didn't have these girls sing weird goofy songs like in past albums. In this song, the instruments are very light on the ears, so you are able to hear their voices much more clearly, especially the 8th Gen. Members. I'm happy they have a song like this, especially since this album is the last one for two of the 8th Gen. Members.

8. 1 Kara 10 Made Aishite Hoshii: A very happy song, this song reminds me of a few of their past B-Sides they've done while they were a 9-nin group (songs like "Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!" and "Bomb Kyu! Bomb Kyu! Bomb Girl"). There are a lot of trumpets in this song, reminding me of this group back in 2007-2008 (although I didn't find out about them until 2009 :P). It's a good catchy song.

9. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni: This is another soothing song and it's fronted by the graduate member Kamei Eri. I'm glad she got to lead a song like this one to show off her voice. She wasn't always the best singer of the group, but she had a chance to shine in this song. This song has a cultural Japanese influence in it, but at the same time, there are synthesizers being used, giving it it's modernity and pop vibe.

10. Denwa de ne: This is the second solo on this album and it is sung by leader Takahashi Ai. This is another soothing song and has an R&B feel to it. It's my favorite of the two solos and in my opinion, Ai's voice is even more soothing to listen to than Reina's. This song has quite a few vox tracks on it to make lyrics overlap, which will be difficult to sing live, especially when it's a solo, but I'm sure Ai will sing all the main parts. This is also another one of my favorite songs on the album.

11. Seishun Collection: This is the group's 43rd single. A happy song with very few solos but overall, it is a good song with a catchy tune. The melody is great and it's nice to hear all the members sing at once, similar to "Bravo!". A lot of the group's recent singles have the same format, but they all end up having their own uniqueness and this song is a uniquely happy ending song.

So if you haven't already, buy Morning Musume's "Fantasy! Juuichi" album. It's an amazing album, and I would say that this album is better than 10 MY ME. That's how good it is.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pirates On Christmas Day

So this is the first time ever I've done this before: I am posting 2 blog posts within the same day! :O IS THIS LEGAL???!!! Xp And it just so happens that I'm doing this on Christmas Day, the best of the year. Hmm... maybe I'll make this a tradition....

So I got a lot of cool things this year. I didn't really want anything this year (except a car haha) but I ended up getting awesome presents. I got a new Power Rangers shirt (Thanks Tomas! XD), the Rise Against Live DVD (Thanks Christian! :D), some other new clothes, iTunes gift cards, a new book to read, a box of cookies (Yum :P) and money (you can never go wrong with money). This Christmas has been good so far and it's not over. I've been buying new music and later on my family and I are gonna go see some lights at umm... I forget where... but it's gonna be awesome. Haha.

So the first promo for "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger" has just been released! Here it is:

This is pretty awesome! I wasn't really expecting to see this today, but my anticipation is rising for this season (even though I've barely watched Goseiger :P). The cast list of who are playing the Gokaiger has been released as well. I will be doing a video of it along with new Gokaiger pictures. For now, here are some cool pictures to feed your eyes with:

And last but not least (again :P), here is my VIDEOS IN THE WORKS list on my YouTube Channel:

Coming later this year 2010:
1. Power Morphicon 2010 Compilation
2. MM Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV
3. Muten Musume Appare Kaiten Zushi! PV
4. Stuff I Bought At Power Morphicon 2010 Part 2
5. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Pictures & Cast
Coming 2011:
1. My Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection 24

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas! :D

Merry Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas everyone! :D There's quite a few things I wanna blog about today.

So remember last post that I was gonna upload a video of the new Power Rangers Samurai toys? Well, here it is:

And new pics of the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger not only in the TV show, but the upcoming Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger Movie and the Dice-O Video Game series have been released. Gokaiger loves to invade a lot of things, don't they? Here are a few pics:

I also finally bought Morning Musume's latest album "Fantasy! Juuichi"! It's so good! I'm listening to it right now! To be honest, I think it's better than 10 MY ME and 10 MY ME is really good! I'll be doing a review of all the songs on the album in another post another time.

Details of the Morning Musume 9th Generation Finalists have been released! All 5 of the finalists seem like they have very good talent, except for one of them. For details, pictures, and videos of the finalists, click HERE!!!!!

And last but not least (definitely not least), Morning Musume 8th Generation member Mitsui Aika will be releasing her very first photobook called "Aika". The cover has been released, and well, at first, before this cover was release, I didn't think she was THAT good-looking, but then this cover came out, and well, my mind has kinda changed about that. Judge for yourself:

It's okay... you're not alone... I'm surprised she can look that good too... O.O

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone again! I hope you all get EPIC presents! :D

Friday, December 24, 2010

Samurai On Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! Our drummer, Christian, just stopped by at my house a few minutes ago and gave me a present. I wonder what it is... haha Thanks Christian! :D

I posted a new video yesterday that I've been wanting to work on and upload forever! Actually since Power Morphicon 2010 ended. xP Check it out:

The things that I am about to post are indeed about Power Rangers Samurai. I would've posted this stuff in my last post, but I didn't find out about all this until hours after I typed that post. Haha sorry guys. :P

First of all, I haven't been doing my PRS homework, cuz the new Power Rangers Samurai Toys are now out in stores even though Bandai America said they were gonna be released in January! I know what I want for Christmas now! XD Here are some pics of the new toys:

And yes, I will be doing a video with these pictures. And yes, once I get these figures, I will be doing videos on them too.

I think from these pictures, these toys look pretty decent. I'll see for myself once I get my hands on them.

And also, released a sneak peek episode clip from the first episode of Power Rangers Samurai. Watch it now:

I am getting PUMPED for Power Rangers Samurai! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I hate when this happens.... -___-

So for a while now, my dad and I have been trying to find a car for me. It's been a year since I've had my license and I still don't have a car of my own. I usually drive around my dad's car or my mom's car. But my parents usually need their cars because of work. So most of the time, I don't have a car available for me. So for a few months now, my dad and I have been car shopping. We would always find a car perfect for me, but my dad always wants to wait and think about before buying it. But the consequence for waiting to buy a really good car that runs wells at a very good price is that someone else will buy it...

This has happened to me about 5 times in the past month. -___-

Yesterday my dad and I went to a car dealership and we found a nice 2002 Pontiac Boneville. It has a nice dark blue color to it and it was very roomy inside. The interior and exterior designs of the car were nice and the car overall was very well-maintained. It drove very nicely and the engine was very powerful. It had low mileage (about 100,000) and was selling for the really great price of about $4000. It was the perfect car for me. My dad thought the same. But he just HAD to wanna think about buying it for a while and go back to the dealership next week to check out the bottom of the car and THEN make up his mind...

My dad just called me a few minutes ago. 3 hours after we left the dealership, that same car got sold. -___-

This isn't the first time this has happened. And I have a very bad feeling that this won't be our last time either. I appreciate my dad trying his best to buy me a car, but can we PLEASE buy the next great car at a great price that drives very well that we see??? PLEASE???!!!


Anyway, after looking at the car that will never be mine, I went to my GF's house to give her Part 1 of my Christmas Present to her. I gave her a giant Teddy Bear. And I'm happy she likes it (she better; it took me a whole freakin weekend to find that thing xP). I gave it to her yesterday because she and her family are going to LA again for Christmas. I'll give her Part 2 when she comes back and when it's ready.

Remember that the action figures of Power Rangers Samurai don't look like the actual Rangers on TV? Well, here they are:

Personally, I don't think they look that bad. There are some rumors that these forms of the Rangers will be appearing in the TV show as a new "battlized form" for the Rangers. It is unsure if that is true or false, but either way, I think PRS will be a bad ass season of Power Rangers. Are these forms of the Samurai Rangers horrible? Well, you decide.

I wonder how the Gold Ranger will look like... 0.o

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I got my High School Senior Ring just a few hours ago in the mail. I'm shocked. It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to get here, but it only took like 2-3 weeks. :D This ring's pretty sexy. :P The jewel on it is an Alexandrite, which is my birth stone (June). June's birth stone can also be pearl, but this stone is way cooler. It appears to change color depending on the lighting in the room. It can look black, blue, or purple as far as I've seen.

On one side of the ring, it has my graduation year (2011) and an academic scholar symbol. It was the only logo I could get for the ring, since I only got the basic options plus style. It's a nice symbol regardless. And on the other side, it has my school's symbol which is a mustang's head and the letters "OR" below it. Above the logo, instead of putting my name, I put "NR4LIFE" meaning "Nightmare's Riot For Life" (in a spiritual sense of course :P). Inside the ring, I have my initials "AJM". I was thinking about putting "NR" instead, but the "NR4LIFE" is good enough I think.

Around the jewel says "Otay Ranch High". This ring is made out of White Lustrium, which is the cheapest metal there is. xP But this ring was still pretty expensive ($110 to be exact). But it's really nice and I like it.

It's kinda loose on me though, but I might go to the jeweler tomorrow to get it to fit. Other than that I'm content with my new ring. Actually, it's the only ring I've ever owned so far.

BTW, I had a fantastic day with my GF. <3 Haha. I'm finally gonna give that present to her tomorrow cuz she's leaving to LA for a few days. And no, it's not the ring! That shit's mine. XP

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wal-Mart Has Everything

I HATE OUR FREAKIN' GUITARIST RIGHT NOW! First he says he's not grounded. Than he says he's not. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKIN' MIND! D:<


Anyway, first off, I wanna say that after another month of not uploading any videos to my YouTube Channel, I finally uploaded one yesterday! It features the new Super Sentai team of 2011-2012, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I also included pictures of the new Sentai team-up movie: Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger (which Gokaiger will invade). Watch my video here:

And another Power Rangers Samurai sneak preview has been released! It has a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song to go along with it and I'm wondering if it's the new theme song for the season. Hmm... Check it out:

Okay, I've been thinking for a long time about what to get my GF for Christmas this year. I finally figured out what to get her about just last week and I've been meaning to find it.

Yesterday, my mom let me borrow her car and I went to Plaza Bonita to go to the Target there to look for what I was trying to find, cuz that's where I saw it last. But it was too damn crowded and I couldn't find a single parking space to park in. So I was like, "Fuck this. I'm going to my GF's house." And I did. :)

Today, my family and I went out to eat lunch at Mission Valley Mall. They have a Target there also, so I went to check it out. What I was trying to find was not there. -__-

So later on, my dad let me borrow his car to look for that present for my GF. First I went to Plaza Bonita again thinking that it wouldn't be that crowded and I would be able to find parking this time. Boy, was I wrong...

So then I went to another Target miles away. It wasn't there either...

Then I went to the Borders near that Target, since there was a sale, and I thought there might be something similar there that I've been trying to look for. I was wrong again...

Then just when I was about to give up, I finally went to Wal-Mart. Why I didn't go there earlier is BEYOND me. And I finally found what I wanted to give my GF there.

It took me two hours to find that thing... TWO HOURS!

But I'm glad I finally found it. I hope she likes it. >.<

So what is it exactly? Well, I'll tell you later. She might read this stuff. XD

And I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend: Wal-Mart has everything.

Friday, December 17, 2010

With Every Ending Comes A New Beginning

WARNING: I will cuss a lot in this post out of joy. XD

Today was the last day of the first semester of my senior year of high school. Holy shit.

This semester was fun. I enjoyed most of my classes (emphasis on MOST xP). I didn't too well on finals though... I got an F on my math final, a D on my chemistry honors final, and a D on my AP Lit final. Ah well, my parents don't need to know. :P

Although I did bad on finals, I got pretty good grades for being a lazy procrastinating senior in high school. I got 1 C, 2 B's, and 2 A's. And thats unweighted (without counting the extra point for AP and honors classes)! Weighted, I got 1 C and 4 A's. HA! Pretty fuckin' good for someone who slacks off senior year. XD I'm very content with my grades.

Today was a good day. IDK why, but I'm really happy and hyper today! XD I had to jump around and scream to loud post-hardcore music to calm myself down. But I'm still pretty jittery. X] Before going to her 6th period, I told my GF I love her. :) Just had to throw that in there.

Now begins the 3 week winter break! Hellz yah! And Christmas and New Years is coming up and it's gonna be like OH FUCK YAH! XD And then it's gonna be the last semester of high school... Holy fuckin shit....

Anyway, two days ago, Morning Musume 6th generation member Kamei Eri and 8th generation members Jun Jun and Lin Lin officially graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project. I'm sad, but I wish all three of them good luck in their respective future careers. Here are a few pics from the graduation concert:

But with every ending comes a new beginning, and with the graduation of three very talented memebers of Morning Musume, 9th generation members will be added to the group very soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Summit

Alright, I just needed a few days to clear up some things.

Anyway, so this is our last week of school before our 3 week winter break from school! :D I'm so pumped up for Christmas! And I'm pumped up to hopefully see my GF outside of school. <3

Most of this week is taking finals. We're done with most of our finals. Most people have 2 more finals tomorrow. I only have one! :D But it's AP Literature... and I have to write 3 essays in 2 hours... crazy bastards. xP

During 6th period, while all the underclassmen take their final exams, me and my friends will be going to iHop to celebrate a friend's 18th birthday! Holy shiz! He's a legal adult! xD

In the world of Morning Musume, graduating members Kamei Eri, Junjun, and Linlin, are graduating tomorrow. D: I'm gonna miss them all. On my CrunchyRoll page, I have new pics of the graduating members. Check them out HERE!

And also, Mitsui Aika (8th Generation member of MM) will be having her very first photobook! I was surprised to hear this! And it's awesome to hear it! Click here to find out more about it!

AND MM is also having an iPhone game featuring the members! Click here to find out more about that!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Internal Conflicts

Don't we all have them sometimes? There are different kinds of internal conflicts. There are the simple ones that happen almost everyday for everyone: what to eat for lunch, what to wear to work, whether to do your homework or not, etc. Then there are those not-so-simple internal conflicts that are just a b*tch to even think about.

Well, I wish my internal conflict was the simple kind....

So it started Sunday when I told my band mates that we have to talk about what we're (Nightmare's Riot) gonna do next year, since Christian (drummer) is gonna go off to collage in northern California, Tomas (guitarist) is has one more year in high school, and I (bass, vocals) am going to collage here.

Now that I started typing this, I don't think I should continue with this...

I might let you guys know later...

I have a lot on my mind right now...

And I'm currently talking to my band mates to make it all better.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poisoned By Party Poison

I came back home from LA yesterday. :D Me, my gf, my bro, and a few other people from my high school's Cross Country team went up to Los Angeles to race at Footlocker Regionals at Mt. San Antonio Collage (Mt. SAC). We left Friday during school and came back yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I did really well in the race for someone who didn't try extremely hard. :P

After coming back from the race, we went to a friend's b-day party. It was totally awesome... Heheh...

Anyway, I went to go get a hair trim this morning because our Cross Country banquet is tomorrow night. I just HAD to get the new lady who works there and she just HAD to cur it shorter than I wanted her to... -____- Ah well, it doesn't look TOO bad...

I'm also obsessed with MCR's new song "Party Poison" from their new Danger Days album. But here's a different song that they're playing live that won't get blocked by the rights of whoever it may be:

I should be doing homework right now, but then I saw that one of my band mates finally put up raw footage of our band from filming at the TV studio for YOURSELF PRESENTS TV Show. This is only one song out of about 8 songs we recorded:

Again, this is only raw footage, so the actual footage will appear on TV sometime mid-2011.

Okay, I'm gonna do homework now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirate Rangers

Yah. That's right. Pirate Rangers b*tch. XD

The new Super Sentai team of 2011-2012 has been revealed: Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger. They are a pirate themed Sentai and I think they're pretty damn cool-looking!

Pictures of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger The Movie have been released:

Morning Musume's 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi" is now available! I haven't bought it yet. I'm gonna wait until Christmas when I get an iTunes gift card so I can buy that and their latest single. I listened to the previews of each song on iTunes and all of them sound really awesome! I can't wait to listen to the whole album!

And graduating MM member Kamei Eri (one of my favs) will be having one more photobook before her graduation. It is called "Thanks" and the cover has been released: