Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Videos Deleted, New Videos Uploaded

I had to delete more videos from my YouTube Account. In order to keep my channel, I have to keep deleting all the videos that have Content ID Matches. I've had a lot of videos with Content ID Matches and I've had a lot of warnings from YouTube. So I had to delete about 10 videos from my account. Some of my videos I had to use Audio Swap because of the audio I used. As of now, my channel is still alive and going. I just have to be careful of the audio and video that I use. The only song I am able to use for my videos as of now is the instrumental version of Morning Musume's "Shouganai Yume Oibito". It's a good song, but it gets too repetitive when I use the same song for all my videos. Most of my recent videos have this song. I will find another song that I can use to give some diversity to each video, like I used to back in the good ole' days.

But I also uploaded new videos in the past few days. Two of the videos are of the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger that are appearing in February 2011. The promotional stuff for this season isn't going to end for a LONG time:

Then my third video is of the stuff I bought at Power Morphicon 2! Originally, I was going to have 2 parts to this video. I uploaded Part 1 that featured the Zeo Deluxe Red Batllezord earlier this week, but it was one of the videos I had to delete today. So this video is basically Parts 1 and 2 combined:

And I got my very first Power Rangers Samurai toy yesterday! :D I will have a video of it tomorrow! Here is my VIDEOS IN THE WORKS list:

Coming December 31, 2010:
1. PR Samurai Switch Morphin Fire Ranger
Coming Early 2011:
1. Power Morphicon 2010 Compilation
2. My Power Rangers/Super Sentai Collection 24
3. My PR/SS Collection Update (Jan. 1)

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